Making Democracy Work

LWVOR Leadership

LWVOR Board Members

President Harriett McCurdy
1st VP vacant
2nd VP & Fund Development Joye Montgomery
Secretary Sue Frederick
Treasurer & Member Records Janis Williams
Voter Service Dan Robbins
Voter Editor Emily Jernigan
Lunch with the League Mary Ann Reeves
Publicity - LWL & BWL Ruby Miller
Director at Large Abbie Moore
Climate Change Chris Iverson
Education Carol Plasil
Communications & Archives Mary Uziel

Off Board

Webmaster Marian Varner
Partner in Education Kay Moss
Special Events Doris Sklad Pat Bryan
Community Outreach Peter Scheffler
Observer Corps Joye Montgomery
Voter Service Claudia Lever
Publicity at Large Maureen Hoyt
Scrapbook Maryann Mulvenon
Nominating Committee for 2019-2020 Officers Doris Sklad, Chair
Pete Peterson
Blanche Dresner

Past Presidents of LWVOR

Betsy Smith - Vice President (President position vacant) 2017-2018
Mary Ann Reeves 2016-2017
Mary Ann Reeves and Patrick Bryan 2014-2016
Anne Adamson 2013-2014
Norman Mulvenon, Anne Adamson, and Peter Scheffler 2012-2013
Brenda Parker and Jo Ann Garrett 2011-2012
Norman Mulvenon and Brenda Parker 2010-2011
Marty Adler-Jasny and Norman Mulvenon 2009-2010
Marty Adler-Jasny and Karleen Richter 2007-2009
Mary Uziel 2006-2007
Robin Toth and Mary Uziel 2005-2006
Janis Williams and Margaret Beams 2004-2005
Margaret Beams 2003-2004
Robin Biloski and Mary Helen Rose 2002-2003
Robin Biloski 2001-2002
Shirley Hendrix 2000-2001
Dorothy Gilpatrick and Jesse Noritake 1999-2000
Kenalene Wymer 1998-1999
Joyce Carpenter and Susan Gawarecki 1997-1998
Diantha Pare' and Barbara Moon 1995-1997
Diantha Pare' 1993-1995
Sally Mahan 1989-1993
Mimi Rosenthal 1987-1989
Susan Carpenter 1985-1987
Claudia Lever 1982-1985
Ann McNees 1981-1982
Barbara Barrett 1979-1981
Kenalene Wymer 1977-1979
Shirley Hendrix 1975-1977
Mary Ann Gross 1973-1975
Donna Reichle 1972-1973
Betsy Smith 1971-1972
Grace Tench 1969-1971
Nancy Thoma 1967-1969
Gray Cameron 1964-1967
Marion Alexander 1963-1964
Janet McPherson 1961-1963
Betsy Haythorn 1959-1961
Grace Tench 1957-1959
Joannette Randolph 1955-1957
Martha Browning 1953-1955
Grace Roe 1952-1953
Grace Bainbridge 1951-1952
Ethelyn Snell 1950-1951
Eloise Ostrander 1949-1950
Ann Nance 1948-1949
Elizabeth Arnold 1947-1948
Agnes Allen 1946-1947