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Observer Corps Reports - Anderson County Commission

About Anderson County Commission Meetings

The commission meets the third Monday of the month in the Anderson County Courthouse to conduct the business of Anderson County.

Observer Corps Reports

Members of the LWVOR Observer Corps attend meetings and report their observations. These notes are NOT official minutes. Contact Anderson County Commission for official information.

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About Our Observer

Observer Willa Reister Observer: Willa Reister

I have been reporting on the Anderson County Commission for four years. While I do not always agree with the policies set by the Commission, I have grown to respect and admire them. They are doing their best to cope with some real challenges.

Local government can be tedious. Some of these meetings last for hours. But there isn't any Koch money or partisan gridlock. Commissioners are always polite to each other; they get angry over issues but never with each other. And frequently they act like statesmen and solve a problem. That is a pleasure to see.