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LWVUS on Mental Illness

In May 2016, the League of Women Voters of the U.S. passed a new position on Behavioral Health.

The LWVUS stated the position on Health Care by the National Board in April 1993. The full text of this position can be found at

In summary, the LWVUS divided the position into six parts: Goals; Basic Level of Quality care; Financing and Administration; Taxes; Cost Control; Equity Issues; and Allocation of Resources to Individuals.

The LWVUS believes that every U.S. resident should have access to a basic level of care that includes the prevention of disease, health promotion and education, primary care (including prenatal and reproductive care). acute care, long-term care, and mental health care.

The League favors a national health insurance plan financed through general taxes in place of individual insurance premiums. The League supports administration of the U.S. health care system either by a combination of the private and public sectors or by a combination of federal, state and/or regional government agencies.

The League supports increased taxes to finance a basic level of health care for all U.S. residents, provided health care reforms contain effective cost control strategies.

LWVTN on Mental Illness

The LWVTN has taken a position on health care reform by advocating the full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This includes support of Insure Tennessee for adults ages 19 to 64 in the GAP with incomes up to 138% of poverty; timely implementation of TennCare (Medicaid in Tennessee) for eligible populations; and support for the right to privacy in reproductive health care.

LWVOR on Mental Illness

The LWVOR will advocate and take action in support of the LWVTN and LWVUS positions.

LWV Partners

Tennessee Health Care Campaign (LWVTN).

Presentation of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Tennessee Priorities for FY2015.

Oak Ridge Leadership

Leslie El-SayadLeslie El-Sayad, President of NAMI Tennessee, (National Alliance on Mental Illness) has extensive experience advocating for families and persons with mental illness. She is a Master Trainer of the statewide family education and support program With Hope in Mind, which holds over 25 classes and 30 monthly support groups across the state annually. In addition NAMI Tennessee provides education and support for families of children under 18, for families of veterans, for persons with mental illness, for teachers, for corrections officers and law enforcement.

Ms. El-Sayad has been a practicing Family Nurse Practitioner in Morgan County for nearly 30 years, mother of 3, currently living with husband Galal in Roane County. She has received many awards for her professional and volunteer work, among them the National Jefferson Award for Community Service and Statewide Nurse Practitioner of the Year.